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University of California, Merced
Environmental Engineering B.S.

In the coming decades, environmental engineers will increasingly be called upon to address broader issues of environmental sustainability by minimizing the release of residuals through altered production processes and choice of materials; by capturing the resource value of wastes through recovery, recycling and reuse; and by managing natural resources to meet competing societal objectives. UC Merced emphasizes a highly interdisciplinary approach to environmental engineering, combining a strong theoretical foundation with field studies, laboratory experiments and computations. Core courses within the major provide students with a firm foundation in the physical and life sciences and the ways that they apply to energy, hydrology, air and water quality issues. Emphasis areas allow students the flexibility to study in more depth by following tracks developed in consultation with their academic advisor(s). The main areas of emphasis for Environmental Engineering at UC Merced are hydrology, water quality, air pollution and energy sustainability. Hydrology: focuses on the sources, balance and use of water in both natural and managed environments, including precipitation, mountain snowpack, river runoff, vegetation water use and groundwater. Both the physical and chemical aspects of the water cycle are included. Water quality: focuses on engineering solutions to water and waste issues, including measurement technology, water quality assessments, treatment systems and remediation of contaminated waters. Physical, chemical and biological aspects are included. Air pollution: focuses on the measurement, sources, fate, effects and engineering solutions to air quality problems, both regionally and in a broader national and global context. Both the physical and chemical aspects of atmospheric pollution are included. Energy sustainability: focuses on society's demand for and use of energy, and on the planning and design of renewable energy systems, with particular emphasis on solar energy.

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