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California State University, East Bay
Biological Science B.S. - Microbiology/Biomedical Lab Science Option

Biology is concerned with living matter in all its forms, responses, and interactions. It deals with the study of anything which has been or is alive: microbes, all plants, and all animals, including humans. The Science of Biology includes a large number of sub-disciplines such as anatomy, reproduction, development, genetics, ecology, evolution, physiology, systematics, and behavior. A biologist must draw upon a wide variety of academic disciplines to make observations and draw conclusions. A well-trained biologist will have a background in chemistry, mathematics, computer science, statistics, and physics to meet the demands of the present professions.

The Biomedical Laboratory Sciences Option leading to a B.S. degree in Biological Science prepares students for further training after graduation in State approved hospital laboratories as required for State licensure of Medical Technologists. Traineeships are available to qualified graduates in laboratories throughout California. Trainee positions are highly competitive. This option is recommended for students contemplating work in public health, industrial microbiology, quality control, research, and graduate work in related fields.


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