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California State University, Channel Islands
Applied Physics (Technology Emphasis)

Applied physics is the interface between science and technology, between the laboratory and industrial practice. It applies the concepts and models of physics to practical technological applications. Applied physics is essentially an interdisciplinary undertaking, interacting with mathematics, computer science, engineering, the life sciences, medicine and other disciplines. Applied physicists use their understanding and skills at the new scientific and technological frontiers that are developing rapidly at the interface between more traditional disciplines, e.g. biophysics, biomedical engineering, bioinformatics, materials science, and medical imaging. They have the flexibility to adapt to changing technological requirements and the ability to make meaningful contributions to modern, interdisciplinary investigations.

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics with an Emphasis in Technology is designed to produce graduates with strong problem-solving, technical, industrial and management skills. This will enable them to obtain professional employment on graduation in research and development in industry or in the public sector in, for example, electronics, semiconductors, medical technology and telecommunications. Through appropriate selection of electives, students can concentrate on selected areas within applied physics and pursue further study in graduate or professional schools, for example in Experimental Physics, Computer Engineering, Materials Science, Biomedical Engineering, or Medical Physics.

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