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This page displays information about the major you selected and helps you identify the community colleges where you can fulfill major preparation requirements.

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California State University, Channel Islands
Communication B.A. (Business and Nonprofit Communication Emphasis)

By enrolling in the Communication degree program you will engage with fellow students who are keenly interested in understanding more about how we use language in a variety of specific social contexts: the Environment, Healthcare and Business/Nonprofit. Coordinating our actions with others can be challenging and this degree will enhance your communication skills. By working in diverse small and large groups, making presentations, and using a variety of channels -- from face-to-face to telephone, email to internet -- you will become prepared to take responsibility for interactions within your community and the workplace of your choosing. The courses all focus on cultural communication and take a language and social interaction perspective. The foundational courses give students background in communication theory and practice and the upper division courses demonstrate a commitment to interdisciplinary studies with three emphases: environment, health and business/nonprofit. Major career opportunities include environmental advocacy, nonprofit and business management, and health services. Additional employment avenues include: mediation, counseling, public affairs, government, entrepreneurship, sales, community relations, employee relations, teaching (education), consulting, event planning, media entertainment, law, international relations, social and human services, advertising, journalism, marketing, and public relations.

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